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Family Law Fees


Family Law Fees

All our fees operate on a fixed fee basis.

We understand how difficult a time family law issues can be and we wish to give you as much clarity as possible when it comes to fees.

Our professional fees for our family law work are calculated at £200 an hour plus VAT at 20%.
When we assess your case scenario and facts at the outset, we will agree a fixed fee per stage of your case, based on the number of hours work to be conducted at each stage.

A typical scenario may look like…

Jack needs help with his divorce, which is amicable and both parties want a divorce, with no finances included. We may advise this is 4 hours of our professional services costing 4 x £200= £800 plus VAT at 20% = £960. The court fee (£593) is a disbursement not included in our fees.

If Jack decides he needs help with other matter such as finance, we would advise on a separate fee to assist with such matters.

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