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Daoud (Skilled worker visa)

Daoud (Skilled worker visa)

Daoud was granted leave to remain based upon his relationship with his partner. Unfortunately, his relationship broke down with his partner. There were no children involved. We struggled to see any basis upon which we could look to apply for further leave to remain on his behalf.

Whilst having serious conversations around giving up his tenancy agreement and selling his car in arrangements to leave the UK, we discovered he is employed as an engineer for a major UK company.

Only a few short 6 weeks before his right to remain in the UK expired, we discovered this company already had a business sponsor licence. We were able to discuss the matter with them, they issued him with a certificate of sponsorship and we successfully made an application seeking for him to be issued with a skilled worker visa.

Daoud today is living in the UK, continuing to rent his home, pay his bills, and working in a job he loves.

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