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Jad (Fiancé entry under the partner rules)

Jad (Fiancé entry under the partner rules)

Jad is in a same-sex relationship with his British Partner, both are engaged to enter into a Civil Partnership with one another.

We assisted them in gathering evidence to prove their relationship is genuine, they are legally free to enter into a Civil Partnership, they have an imminent intention to enter into a Civil Partnership, the English language requirement is met as is the financial requirement.

In this situation, although the Sponsor had savings exceeding the required amount, unfortunately, the funds in his UK account dipped below the required figure for one day. We were able to identify his overseas account and rely upon the amalgamated funds over the required period to demonstrate the requirement was met.

The application was successful, and Jad entered the UK where their Civil Partnership took place. We then successfully assisted Jad in applying for further leave to remain as the partner of a British national. We expect to see them in two years’ time to assist in the extension application.

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