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Bruno (Parental rights and leave to remain)

Bruno (Parental rights and leave to remain)

Bruno is a national of Ghana. He entered the UK as a student. Whilst studying in the UK he entered into a relationship with Angela, a British national. Together they had a British daughter.

We assisted Bruno in making an application to UK Visas and Immigration, seeking leave to remain based upon his cohabiting relationship with his partner and the reasons why it would be unreasonable to expect them to relocate as a family to Ghana given the daughter of Bruno was a British born national and his partner was British, a key worker for the NHS. The application was successful and Bruno was granted 2.5 years leave to remain.

Sadly, during this time Bruno’s relationship with his partner broke down and the couple separated with Bruno moving out of the family home, but still having regular informal contact with his daughter. The mother of the daughter resisted contact and asked the school to remove Bruno from the school record as a point of contact.

Our family law department assisted Bruno in obtaining the relevant court orders to secure his rights with reference to contact with his daughter. We wrote to the school reminding them of the parental responsibility that Bruno has. We were successful in helping Bruno secure leave to remain in the UK as a parent with active parental responsibility for his daughter.

Today he enjoys formalised rights of contact with his daughter, and a right to reside in the UK, continuing to play a vital role in the life of his daughter.

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