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Visiting a STAR School

Bushra Ali visiting a STAR school in Lahore, Pakistan

Our Bushra Ali visited a STAR school in Lahore, Pakistan.

In her words…

As Global Ambassador for Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education, it was my absolute pleasure to visit one of the STAR schools in Lahore, Pakistan yesterday.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the children, hearing them recite many things they have learnt in school including maths, English religious prayers and poems. I enjoyed speaking with the teachers and learning about the curriculum, including where they would value ongoing support to continue to improve education for the disadvantaged, particularly girls.

It was an absolute joy to see their faces light up when they received gifts of sweets, chocolates, crisps and juice.

As a Global Ambassador for girls education, I look forward to continuing to visit various schools globally to continue to empower our young girls to persevere in education which becomes your biggest lifelong asset.


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